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The First Class SUZUKI Melodions /Melodicas

Hammond HA-44

HA 44 Pro elektr. Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

hammond 44-1

€ 585,00   Anfrage/ Bestellung   

Hammond HA 44 HP Hyper Power

H-44 HP Hammond

Hammond 44brochure

€ 695,00   Anfrage/ Bestellung   

Suzuki Andes 25 F

Andes 25 F english  Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

text Andes 25 f

€ 225,00   Anfrage/ Bestellung    

Suzuki Professional Alto Melodica  Pro 37V.2

pro37v2-5_small2  Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys: Alto 37keys ff3
  • Reed Plate :Tapered reeds made of a special alloy material
  • Mouthpiece :3Types(RegularSpecialPipe)
  • Case :Semi-hard case
  • Size :500x65x110mm
  • Weight: 1000g(case : 360g)

 Top-Special    € 224,00   Anfrage/ Bestellung       

Suzuki Alto Melodica   M-37

Melodica M-37 C Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys : Alto 37keys ff3
  • Reed Plate: Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece:3Types(RegularPipeTrumpet)
  • Case : Soft case
  • Size : 470x110x55mm
  • Weight : 947g (case : 546g)

€ 119,00

 Anfrage/ Bestellung

Suzuki Alto Melodica   A-34 C

Melodica A-34 C Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys :Alto 34keys ge3
  • Reed Plate : Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece :2Types(RegularPipe)
  • Case : Hard case
  • Size :440x100x45mm
  • Weight :709g (case : 603g)

€ 109,00   Anfrage/ Bestellung   

Suzuki Alto Melodica  M-32 C

Melodica M-32 C Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys: Alto 32keys fc3
  • Reed Plate: Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece :2Types(RegularPipe)
  • Case :Hard case
  • Size :425x100x50mm
  • Weight :765g (case : 579g)


Suzuki Alto Melodica MX-32 C

Melodica MX-32 C Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys:Alto 32keys fc3
  • Reed Plate:Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece :2Types
  • (RegularPipe)
  • Case: Hard case
  • Size :420x100x45mm
  • Weight : 555g (case : 566g)


Suzuki Alto Melodica MX-27

Melodica MX-27 Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys:Alto 27keys fg2
  • Reed Plate :Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece :2Types(RegularPipe)
  • Case:Hard case
  • Size :365x105x50mm
  • Weight :469g (case : 515g)

  € 59,90    Anfrage/ Bestellung

Suzuki Sopran Melodica MX-27 S

 mx27sFür mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Sopran g~a3 27 keys
  • 1 standard mouthpiece and one extension tube with mouthpiece. Tough colourful portable case.
  • Weight: 1.Kg inc case
  • Dimension: 170mm x 420mm (inc case)

 € 59,90   Anfrage/ Bestellung

Suzuki Bass Melodica   B-24

Melodica B-24 Für mehr Informationen Click Bild Bitte!

  • Keys: Bass 24keys Fe1
  • Reed Plate: Nickeled plate
  • Mouthpiece: 1Type(Regular)
  • Case: Soft case
  • Size:330x115x63mm
  • Weight :846g (case : 440g)

 € 225,00 Anfrage/ Bestellung

Hammond Bass Melodica Mod. BB Acoustic / Electric

Bass Melodion B 24 H

The sound of a Bass Harmonica is unique and haunting. The Hammond BB makes it easy to add this colour to your tonal palette. It is also a necessary component of any Melodion ensemble. The BB has the same fine build quality as the 44 and 44HP, 24 keys, and 2 built in independent microphones.  It comes with 2 mouthpieces, a padded gig bag, and cleaning cloth.

€ 389,00  Anfrage / Bestellung

Versand zuzügl. € 6,90

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