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GLX Lichttechnik

GLS-47  |  GLX Lighting "Power LED 47 dual focus" led bar system







"Power LED 47 dual focus" led bar system, DMX 512, 4x7 RGB 3W power LED's, with bag                       Artikelnummer: GLS-47
Product ID: 33941

"Power LED 47 dual focus" led bar system, DMX 512, 4x7 RGB 3W power LED's, with bag

- very powerful 8000 LUX
- power consumption 160W only!
- dual focus technology with extremely bright 20° focus and 40° beam angle
- 28x 3W TCL LEDs (7 LEDs for each spot)
- exquisite color mixing even at short distances to the illuminated object
- fully DMX 512 compatible (15 channels occupied), each spot to be controlled individually
- master - slave function, an unlimited quantity of units can be run simultaneously!
- stand alone operation with internal programs and sound-control via built-in microphone
- easy setup using the control panel with 4-digit LED display
- individual tilt and swivel for each spot
- 35mm locakble stand socket for installation on a compatible stand or truss
- lightweight softcase and extra long power cable included
- optional 4-way footswitch GLS-FS sold separately

Dual focus
GLS-47 has an evenly spread beam angle of 40°. The center lens has a beam angle of 20° for a much brighter center focus.

Tri-color lens technology
Each lens holds a red, green and blue LED for an unlimited color pallette and seamless color mixing.

DMX 512
Full DMX 512 compatibility makes it very easy to operate GLS-47 using a DMX mixing console, or make a daisy-chained master-slave setup using multiple units.

channel 1 internal programs
channel 2 master dimmer
channel 3 strobe
channel 4 t/m 6 R-G-B fading for spot 1
channel 7 t/m 9 R-G-B fading for spot 2
channel 10 t/m 12 R-G-B fading for spot 3
channel 13 t/m 15 R-G-B fading for spot 4


Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 475,00

GLS-4  |  GLX Lighting Lichtset 4er Bar "LED stage 4"


http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32466_1.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32466_2.jpg        http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32466_3.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32466_4.jpg



Lichtset 4er Bar "LED stage 4", DMX, 4x108 10mm LED-Spots, 50W, mit Fußschalter und Softbag

Siehe auch :

GLX Lighting GLS 4 - YouTube 

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 449,00 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOLgA9csMxs&feature=player_embedded - t=0

GLS-4-MOD  |  GLX Lighting "LED stage 4" modular led system


http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34234_1.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34234_2.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34234_3.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34234_4.jpg

"LED stage 4" modular led system with DMX

4x108 10mm LED'stotal 50W

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 389,00

GLS-47-MOD  |  GLX Lighting "Power LED 47" modular led system


http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34707_1.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34707_2.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34707_3.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/34000/34707_4.jpg


Artikelnummer: GLS-47-MOD
Product ID: 34707

"Power LED 47" modular led system, with DMX, 4x7 RGB 3W pwer LED's

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 489,00

GLS-4-BAG  |  GLX Lighting Gigbag für GLS-4


Gigbag für GLS-4  

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 59,90

GLS-FS  |  GLX Lighting Fußschalter für GLS-4


Fußschalter für GLS-4  

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 39,90

PLB-38N  |  GLX Lighting "Power LED Beam 38 Narrow" LED par


"Power LED Beam 38 Narrow" LED par, with DMX, 75 10mm LED's, built in microphone and auto mode


Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 69,90 

PLB-38N-WH  |  GLX Lighting "Power LED Beam 38 Narrow" LED par


Artikelnummer: PLB-38N-WH
Product ID: 33626

"Power LED Beam 38 Narrow" LED par, with DMX, 75 10mm LED's all white 3000K colour temperature


Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 69,90

PLB-56N  |  GLX Lighting "Power LED Beam 56 Narrow" LED par


Artikelnummer: PLB-56N
Product ID: 33846

"Power LED Beam 56 Narrow" LED par, with DMX, 108 10mm LED's, built in microphone and auto mode


Anfrage / Bestellung                      €  79,90

DMX-16  |  GLX Lighting DMX Mischpult

http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32467.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32467_2.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32467_3.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/32000/32467_1.jpg

DMX Mischpult, 16 Kanäle, 19" Rack-Format

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 99,90

LS-100-BK  |  Boston lighting stand

http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/33000/33623.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/33000/33623_2.jpg http://www.usm-musik.de/jpg/33000/33623_3.jpg

Artikelnummer: LS-100-BK
Product ID: 33623

lighting stand, 300cm, max 30kg, 35mm diameter, steel


Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 49,90

LS-100-BKB  |  Boston one pair of lighting stands with bag


one pair of lighting stands with bag, 300cm, max 30kg, 35mm diameter, steel 

Anfrage / Bestellung    € 99,90

LS-250  |  Boston lighting stand


Artikelnummer: LS-250
Product ID: 33175

lighting stand, 318cm, max 30kg, magnesium joints, 28mm (with 35mm adaptor), fits GLS-4

Anfrage / Bestellung                      € 59,90

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